BitCar Token Sale Now Open

Rare and exotic hyper, mega and super cars (Exotics) are an international

In a world first, (BitCar) allows users to hold or trade digital
Ethereum blockchain tokens called BITCAR, giving access to a platform where
Exotics can be owned and traded in small fractions. A second level CAR token
will be used as the digital asset token for the individual Exotic cars.

Both cryptographic asset owners seeking access to such hard assets, as well as more traditional exotic and
classic car enthusiasts, can now trade in Exotic cars which have been one of the world’s best performing
asset classes over the last 10 years, outperforming property and gold over this time 1
In a disruptive and innovative world first, BitCar opens direct ownership of this asset class to the public for
the first time. Verified Agents will source, acquire and store Exotics, as well as display them. After a 5 to
15 year term, they will be sold with the returns passing back to the asset token owners. During the term,
Platform users can peer to peer trade their interests without an intermediary in a trustless manner.
BITCAR tokens provide the utility to the decentralized BitCar Platform (Platform) and allows access to the
second order token for acquiring and peer to peer trading the tokenized Exotics as well as being used in
an incentive scheme, that is set up to reward parties marketing the Ecosystem.