Smartphones: The Power of Advertising in Your Hands

Smartphones now have become synonyms to mobile phones. The mobile market has increased tenfold in the last decade or so. Smartphones now are more connected than ever.

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The average user of a computer would find itself easily replaced by the smartphone usage.

Whichever websites that you open on your computer all now have apps for phones.

The experience of using apps on the phone is richer than ever. A phone is going to be with a person for almost the entire day and this makes sending information across very easy.

All these factors have made advertising on mobile phones a very suitable medium.

Connect with your customers anytime The constant access to a smartphone is perhaps the most lucrative thing about advertising on those mobile phones.

Vendors and businesses can convey their ads in the most effective manner.

An average user opens and closes a particular app several times in a single day, so your ad is bound to be seen at some point or the other. Some ads are placed as banners on the top and bottom of your screen when you open a particular app.

A banner ad generally points towards another similar kind of app or is meant to convey a certain message.

Other ads appear in the notification panel of your smartphone. Such ads are periodic, and generally they are meant to boost a particular event like a one-day-sale.

Another type of ad is the kind that pops up when you are using an app. Such ads, although have a cent percent chance of getting noticed, they can get really annoying, leading people to uninstall the app altogether.

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Since smartphones are being equipped with a GPS, geo-tracking becomes easier and helps in displaying more area-specific feeds. The power of such mobile advertising lies in the fact that the user has to come inevitably across the ad.

Thus, this makes the potential of success very high. On top of this, mobile ads cost a fraction of television and radio ads, which in turn makes it a more suitable platform.

Don’t ruin the experience Whether people will pay heed to your ad or not at all depends on their experience.

Your ad shouldn’t be a pestering tit-bit that appears sporadically. It should be a well-timed and dressed mechanism that catches the eye of the user.

Try to integrate the ad with the flow and working of the app that will give a smoother interface. Also, make sure that your ad is compatible with devices of all resolutions and screen sizes.

Test run your ad on a various set of devices running on different OS before launching it live. Also, take into consideration that not all type of phones support all type of ads.

Work smartly to utilize the limited space and resources you have. Putting up video or audio ads is generally discouraged since it causes high data charges.

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So play your cards right and catch the users eye!

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By. Alexandre Buffat

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