Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018

Social Media Marketing Trends 2018

As we all gear into the new year, its important to reflect on the new possibilities and technologies that can impact your website in 2018. My friends at Digital Vidya have blogged about key social media marketing trends in 2018 that will make a difference to your marketing ROI, these trends are a Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018 part of the interview series done by three experts from the digital and social media marketing functions.

I am honored and privileged to be a part of the expert panel on the interview series on social media alongwith my two other expert panelists.

While the questions are only three, the depth of the answers will give you an overall perspective on what’s going to work in 2018.

And Yes …in the interview I’ve spilled the beans on where your marketing dollar and efforts should be focused 🙂

Check out my interview on Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018

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Internet Marketing Tips – Latest Trends Deciding Success

internet marketing in Des Moines

 As any smart marketer would tell you – marketing is all about identifying the latest trends and capitalizing on them. When we mention the term ‘latest’ in the world of internet marketing it assumes an altogether different proportion. This new age marketing technique is constantly undergoing churning where new trends emerge and many of them die the natural death. If you wish to be on top of your internet marketing campaign you need to hire a reputable agency for Internet Marketing in Des Moines and work closely with them. Let us give you a glimpse of some of the latest trends that are deciding success for digital marketing campaigns.

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  • Multi-Front Marketing – No Air Force can win a battle without the support or land forces. The land forces in return need air cover to reduce casualties and win battles. Likewise, multi-front marketing campaigns have become the basic necessity. If you are already working on an SEO campaign you must complement it with Email Marketing (yes it still delivers results in spite of all obituary that has been written in the recent years) and Social Media campaigns.
  • Crisper Content – Have you ever wondered why direct messages on social media and WhatsApp have replaced email conversations? Long form write-ups may be the great way to explain interested users but if you want to hook new ones go for crispier content. A crisp message has it all to convert a potential client into your real client! 
  • Storytelling – With billions of words and millions of hours of videos being posted every day you need to differentiate yourself from others (read noise). Storytelling is a nice way of engaging your audience and monetizing these engagements. Businesses and internet marketing agencies in Des Moines and elsewhere are creatively telling stories and you should follow suit. 
  •  Video Marketing – Better phones, faster data, and increased network penetration – the ingredients are all right for video marketing. An average user would any day prefer watching videos in comparison to reading paragraphs of text. No wonder videos are helping brands generate more traction in terms of shares, likes, and promotions.
  • Social Media Influencers – While every business can’t afford to get a social media influencer on board if there are no budget constraints you can work with a social media influencer. You don’t need to hire an A-list celebrity but one within your community who has the decent fan following and can turn the opinions in your favor. 

Are you geared up to take the competition head on? Follow these trends and you would be on the right track.
In this article, we take a look at some of the latest trends that have emerged for internet marketing Des Moines and why you need to follow them.

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Veeba : Aaj Kya Khaoge

Brand: Veeba
Company: Veeba Food Service

Brand Analysis Count: # 581

Veeba is an excellent example of  forward integration. The company which is one of the major suppliers of salad dressings and sauces deciding to enter into consumer retail. The company is a major supplier for brands like KFC. 

In 2015, the company decided to enter into the consumer retailing of its wide range of sauces, dressings etc and in December 2107, Veeba made an aggressive marketing campaign across the various media.

 Indian food industry is worth $48 billion (source: Livemint) and is witnessing a lot of action owing to the changing demographic profile and a shift in consumer behavior. The relevance of a brand like Veeba is enhanced because of the shift in consumer behavior. According to this interesting piece from Best Media, Indian consumers are becoming foodies. Not only that there is a trend of experimental cooking at home but in that consumers look for convenience. 
The interest in the food is not new in the Indian market. However, we are also seeing an influence of West in the food habits which is also reflected in the home cooking part. Veeba tries to capitalize on this trend and one of the news report calls the products of Veeba as  » enabler » which is a very good description of the brand. 
The brand campaign by Veeba correctly captures the value proposition of the brand. 
The ad highlights two main value proposition of Veeba – Convenience and Variety. The brand has the tagline  » Aaj Kya Khaoge  » which translates to   » What will you eat today  » gels well with the brand’s value proposition. 
  I feel that as a brand, Veeba has hit the right notes to capture the attention of the consumers. The brand is also priced quite competently and is available in many supermarkets although the distribution is yet to reach its required intensity at least in my city ( Cochin). 
The brand’s major challenge is competition. It is interesting that the owners of Veeba created the brand Fun Foods which was sold to the German company Oetker which is also in the same line of business. If you go to a supermarket, we can see a lot of brands jostling for space in this category. While Veeba has essentially created an attractive value proposition and brand awareness, the sustainability of this will be crucial to brand’s success in future. 

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