Defining Your People-Centric Culture

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I originally wrote today’s post for CMSWire. It appeared on their blog on May 8, 2018.

While customer experience strategies and transformations must include a priority focus on the employee experience, they often don’t. Many companies believe they can improve the customer experience without improving the employee experience.

Big mistake. The correlation is real. Happy employees lead to happy customers.

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Benefits of Using Services of Digital Marketing Agencies

Online business has hit all time high worldwide, as major and minor organizations are building their own websites and attempting to woo the internet public. Marketing online is hugely different from offline promoting, as the strategies of wooing consumers differ enormously. This is where digital marketing agency steps in and assures that online marketing, from building websites to assuring that they get high search engine rankings, is served to clients as a one complete package. Without the assistance of a digital marketing service it’s impossible for businesses to enter the online market and come out victorious.
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Following are main benefits of hiring digital marketing agencies:

  • The main benefit of using services of a digital marketing company is that these agencies are backed by years of experience and know very well the online world of marketing. Because there are vast differences between the online world and the offline world of promoting, getting professional help for high performance of a website is highly suggested.
  • Digital marketing agencies have specialists on their board who know what a specific client website contains and how it can be promoted digitally. From keywords rich content to promotions on social media, all options are at hand and it is up to these agencies to use these options according to their understanding.
  • Search engine optimization is the greatest benefit of using services of a digital marketing agency.
Marketing on the web serves no end unless people routinely visit an organization’s website and see its products and features. The race in the online market these days is for the most part about, getting high rankings in search engines. High rankings in search engines naturally transfers into the popularity of the website and also increase in consumer awareness. A digital marketing agency is very much aware of this and henceforth can be trusted with the duty to raise a website’s search engine rankings. They know how to go about it and whether they should adopt a content-centric strategy or promote the site on social media.

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Brand Update : There is a little bit of Nerolac in your Life

Nerolac, which has a legacy of more than 100 years has always been playing second fiddle to Asian Paints in the Indian paint industry. Both in the field and advertising space, Nerolac was not able to beat the market leader Asian Paints. Probably after a long time, Nerolac had hit a bullseye in finding a credible message for its consumers.
The latest campaign of Nerolac- There is a little bit of Nerolac in your life, is a creative breakthrough for this brand. Everyone who has seen the ad was surprised at the message – the fridge, the car, the appliances are painted with Nerolac. That indeed is a powerful message which will change the way the brand is perceived. 
The basic idea is to leverage the brand’s credibility in the industrial segment to the consumer segment. Indian paint industry which is worth around Rs 47000 crore is classified into Decorative Segment and Industrial Segment. Decorative Segment constitutes 75 % of the total market. Asian Paints is the market leader in the whole paint industry with a whopping 41% share while Nerolac has a share of 14 %. But in the Industrial segment, Nerolac leads with 35 percent share. 
To counter the market leader Asian Paints iconic campaigns capitalizing the emotions associated with color and home, Nerolac so far tried all strategies including roping in Big B for their campaigns but with limited success. 
This time, the brand roped in the energetic Ranveer Singh as the brand ambassador. But the star of the campaign is the Big Idea. The campaign is very effective in driving the home that the home appliances which usually have the durable painting are being painted by Nerolac. That message instantly conveys credibility to the brand. Nerolac was able to give a piece of very powerful evidence to its core strengths – performance credibility. Ranveer Singh brings a touch of humor to the whole proposition. 
This idea although very powerful does not have longevity in the sense that this cannot be continued for long. The brand needs to milk this idea within a short span of time and then move on with some sustainable proposition in the next phase of the campaign. For now, hats off to those brains who came up with this idea. 

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A Video Called « Top 5 Cool Free Software (You Haven’t heard of) – ThioJoeTech » about top software

Top software and Top 5 Cool Free Software (You Haven’t heard of) – ThioJoeTech Top 5 Cool Free Software (You Haven’t heard of) – ThioJoeTech « A list of my favorite freeware that I use often. They’re all really useful. ▽ List of the software ▽ F.lux: Rainmeter: Puush: … » — Please share this:

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